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Personal and private wealth management is the incorporation of your financial planning with your investment portfolio.

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Our work helps you build a healthy, secure foundation for the new life you seek and perhaps were meant to live.

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More than technology - LAUNCH is for those ready to invest now.


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Advice on Buying an Affordable House from a Certified Financial Planner
Homebuyers, particularly first home buyers tend to buy the most expensive house they are pre-approved or even qualified for. This can lead to major stresses after you are in the home with a high mortgage. Though getting pre-qualified helps you understand what your price range it is based on formulas

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LoveJackedBookIn Bonnie A. Sewell’s new book, she shares how in a litigated divorce, people often fantasize about their day in court. The reality is that the family law courts do not enjoy the time or money to consider your case the way you’ve imagined it. They’re not likely to meet your children, and they have heard it all when it comes to how badly you’ve been treated by your spouse. You are giving power you have to decide your financial and parenting future over to a third party stranger, and you will be forced to abide by those decisions. The cruelest divorce myth is that getting “your day in court” is ‘as seen on TV’.

It is Bonnie’s intention to change the world of marital and divorce financial planning with this book and with the work we do with clients. It will take couples rejecting traditional position bargaining and accepting understanding the nature and characteristics of what they’ve built together. They will then need to look at the worth of the marital finances and start negotiating from a place of knowledge and understanding of exactly what’s at stake. Divorce is not exclusively a woman’s or man’s transition, it’s a family’s transition. To help families preserve the assets that they alone built, we have developed the A.G.R.E.E.℠ negotiating process to get to a fair and equitable understanding of your family’s finances. Read on to understand a new way of getting safely through the transition of divorce. Your future financial freedom depends on it.