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Divorce 300x199Just the word, divorce, can be upsetting to some people. But this word describes best what is actually happening. We could say transition, dissolution, disunion, split or several others. The reason we use ‘divorce’ is because it describes a legal declaration dissolving a marriage and our work in this area is focused solely on the financial aspects of a divorce.

Some people assume our divorce work is depressing. In fact, once a family has decided to live separately, we believe our work helps them build a healthy, secure foundation for the new life they seek and perhaps were meant to live.

When life beats you up, remember, there is no poverty where there is laughter and love.

There can however, be poverty where parties have divorced without ensuring that both parties can 1) pay their bills after the divorce is final and 2) have a foundation on which to build future wealth. In our work with couples or individuals, we opt out of the ‘gotcha’ game that the multi-billion dollar divorce industry plays so well. Attorneys are rarely specifically trained in personal finance or divorce financial planning. They are trained in law which is expertise we do not provide.

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