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When Graft is a Good Thing

Girl in Sunflower 300x300Some Thursdays are just another day of helping clients manage their financial lives, divorcing couples navigate a good financial outcome, and helping those with less funds get started through online planning. Today’s Thursday involved a midday break to attend a celebration of life ceremony for a friend’s brother who died unexpectedly. Danny, as I briefly knew him, is one of those good souls, the kind of person I’d want to be near in any kind of trouble. At the service, we heard from several who’d known Danny for decades and his kindness was universal and consistent. The whole family is like that – even the extended family. Having lived all over this country, I’ve found there are good people everywhere – you just have to find them. The Reeves family and extended family are good people.

Patsy, Danny’s widow, described their blended family as having been “grafted together with many, many ‘opportunities’ to grow in understanding and love”. When a person from Chicago (as I am born and raised) hears ‘graft’, we don’t normally consider opportunities to grow in understanding and love, but Patsy was very convincing and as I thought about it, it occurred to me that her understanding of blending families is profound and important. Grafting can mean transplanting (living tissue) as a graft. This is no easy task. It means lots of days when one could make the choice to not be understanding, not love the family member and definitely not grow. But if you took the more difficult path as Danny and Patsy clearly have, what could be the rewards for that? In winemaking grafting means taking root stock that works and placing a new vine on top of it to get something even better than that with which you started. And so it is with good people.

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