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Divorce Financial Planning

Some people assume our family transition work is depressing.  In fact, once a family has decided to live separately, we believe our work helps them build a healthy, secure foundation for the new life they seek and perhaps were meant to live.  Including our goal to guide you through this time, we seek to change how we divorce for the better for anyone walking this path.

We securely collect the requested documentation for the family
√ We meet to discuss the transition and address your fears directly with facts not emotion
√ We are working to demonstrate your financial security post-divorce
√ We invite you to become part of the ACP family to protect and grow your settlement for your new future

Did you know?

More than one million Americans will divorce this year
√ 100% of divorces involve financial settlements
√ In most divorces, you are negotiating two concerns – money & kids
√ Cruelest divorce myth – that someone not specifically trained in personal finance can do your financial analysis
√ Next most cruel myth – that two can live as cheaply as one

We’re all better than our current system – you can control your destiny in divorce!

Why we’re different: We put the financial analysis at the beginning of the process. In divorce we are usually concerned with money and parenting issues.  That’s it. Once we show what there is to financially negotiate, we A.G.R.E.E.℠ to review several scenarios with you on the way to settling over money. We review your financial data to eliminate inept financial arrangements that can make it impossible to effectively co-parent. Attorneys are rarely specifically trained in personal finance and divorce financial planning. They are trained in the law which is expertise we do not provide.  We strongly encourage you to make your first stop here to get your complete financial analysis.  Should you ultimately retain an attorney, they can use our reports.  Do not go into negotiation without knowing what your full financial picture is.

How we work:  You use our trademarked A.G.R.E.E.℠ negotiation process to reach a fair and equitable understanding on your financial data without the tyranny of the entrenched multi-billion dollar divorce industry.  A - Accept & Accelerate the process, G - Get agreement, R - Remove emotion, E - Everyone is considered (you, them, kids, pets), E - Every dollar counts and every dollar is counted.  Financial experts analyze your income and assets today and 20 years from now.  We believe you can get an understanding of your household finances without losing your income, assets, or years in the process.

Why this works:  Because all cases settle at some point.  If you use the A.G.R.E.E.℠ process, you keep the time and cost advantage of understanding financial pieces being negotiated more quickly and less expensively. You still have assets and income at the end of the process. These are critical to rebuilding post divorce.

What we are:  Experienced, educated, ethical professionals using a radically less expensive, less time consuming and smarter way to divorce.

What we are not:  We are not a legal firm, a legal mediation firm, or a legal collaborative firm or advocates of litigating a divorce in any form.

How we help:  Our state of the art software solution and trademarked negotiation process ensure you keep more of your money and we compassionately address financial issues associated with the cost of raising children post divorce.  Let us help work with you and your family to protect your children, your asset, and your future.  Divorce happens and it doesn’t have to destroy lives.  We have a better way.  Let be better than our current system.

For Attorneys: We respect the good work of attorneys who work with divorcing clients in an efficient compassionate process that helps them reach a positive outcome with lower fees. And we offer you the following services for your clients:

√ Net worth now and 20 years out
√ Working capital now and 20 years out
√ Tax impact on PSA scenarios
√ Lifestyle analysis
√ Income/spending sheets
√ Clear, concise explanations for clients on what matters and what matters less financially
√ Clear, concise considerations of real life financial impact of parenting clauses in a PSA
√ Expert witness testimony

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