5 Reasons to Invest ONLINE

Submitted by American Capital Planning

Man (and Woman!!) vs. Machine.  We know that working with a real live human advisor who is a fiduciary (one who puts your interest first), can create alpha of at least 3% even if they don’t work for Vanguard.  That’s been true for the almost three decades I’ve been working with clients.  Here we take a look at why folks are going ROBO and whether they can get results that match or exceed those of the human advisor.

  1. What is it?

It’s smart technology that takes advantage of efficiencies in both opening new accounts, account transfers, and most importantly, Nobel Prize winning approach using Dimensional funds if you’re account is over $25,000 and a superior allocation to ETF’s (exchange traded funds) if your account is less than $25k.

  1. Who should invest online?

Online investing is for those who need investment advice first and foremost who are also comfortable with advisor assisted technology.  It’s also a great fit for those who want an emotion free approach while giving you and your advisor better control over your portfolio.  While online investing is designed for those who want a hands off approach, if you decide you want more ongoing help, you can always supplement your online experience with fee-only financial planning.  Investing is a component of financial planning – it is not the same as financial planning.  Investing funds your financial planning.  Having a disciplined, low cost, diversified approach is key to long-term success.

  1. Why should I invest online?

It’s effective, efficient, and less expensive.  Your account can be rebalanced online as well.  Behind the screens, you are being served by a fiduciary, female, fee-only owned wealth management firm with 27 years’ experience, a clean regulatory record, and a nationally recognized founder.

  1. How much does it cost?

50 basis points or .50% of your portfolio which is ½ the industry average of 1% – these low fees are deducted automatically from your account at the end of each quarter.

  1. Where do I sign up?

Right here.  Welcome to your successful financial future!

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