Navigating Divorce

Divorce doesn’t have to be a fight – but you still need to come prepared to make sure you get what you need financially to live your best life after your settlement.

All too often, we see people relying on their attorney for everything when they go through a divorce. Then they realize too late that just because their lawyer is an expert in matters of the law doesn’t mean they know what’s best for your financial future.

Bonnie Sewell is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, and she understands what you need because she’s been there, too.

You’ve come a long way. You’re probably exhausted. But this isn’t the time to let things slide.

Money is moving and mistakes could cost you in terms of realizing the settlement terms you just went to great lengths to ensure. Our goal is to make sure no one ends up in a financially stressed household – you or your former spouse. We start by creating what we call a base case, a model that shows where you are today as a couple and where you're going as you separate. With the base case and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ on your side, you'll enter into negotiation with confidence knowing your future is secure. Prepare for the promise of tomorrow.

Put a Professional in Your Corner

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Friend(ly) Divorce

“Friendship is unnecessary,” C.S. Lewis wrote, “like philosophy, like art, like the universe itself… it has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.”  In a marriage, we can believe that our spouse is our best friend.  In some marriages, our spouse might be our only friend.  When we divorce, it may become glaringly obvious that without our spouse, we have no social ties, network or friends of our own.  In my life, after a 25 year first marriage with few friends and a 2nd almost 10 year marriage with many, the difference is critical to ...

Critical Mistakes to Avoid After Divorce

Unfortunate fact: a woman's standard of living, on average, goes down by almost 30% after divorce. If you are a woman in this unfortunate situation, seek care and consideration from a financial adviser with expertise in helping clients going through a divorce. Understanding what women face financially after such a big transition includes recognizing the settlement they secure may have to last the rest of their life. "Divorce fatigue" is real and you may want to take a nice long break from the financial fog. It can be critical to resist this if your settlement includes any time-sensitive language. A woman came ...

How The Divorce Financial Planning Process Works

You may be wondering how the divorce financial planning process works. To get you through your divorce negotiations successfully, you’ll need a road map which is our flat fee financial analysis.  For this analysis, we first talk about what you need and what you want.  Then we look at what you owe, what you own, and what you earn to build a base case of where you are today, before divorce. From there, we develop scenarios which will illustrate all your possible outcomes. Once you know the possibilities, you can negotiate terms that make sure you can pay your bills ...

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