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How The Divorce Financial Planning Process Works

You may be wondering how the divorce financial planning process works. To get you through your divorce negotiations successfully, you’ll need a road map which is our flat fee financial analysis.  For this analysis, we first talk about what you need and what you want.  Then we look at what you owe, what you own,…

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We’re Getting Divorced – Will I Get Spousal Support?

A question we’re often asked is “Will I get spousal support?”. The answer is, maybe.  Spousal support, also known as alimony or maintenance, is a transfer of income, generally from the spouse who earns more to the spouse who earns less. It’s often based on the ability of the higher earner to pay and the…

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Why You Need A Divorce Financial Planner

A question we’re often asked is “I know I need an attorney for my divorce, but are there other professionals I should hire?” Absolutely!  Attorneys know the law, but law school does not provide the necessary training to completely offer divorce financial planning advice.  You need a divorce financial planner.  Someone with the experience, expertise,…

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I Just Got Divorced, Now What?

People often come to us and ask “I just got divorced, now what do I do?”. You’ve just come through one of life’s toughest transitions.  Now it’s time to become the best steward of your successfully negotiated settlement going forward.  To help you do that, American Capital Planning can provide fee-only, financial planning and fiduciary…

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Financial Plans

Are We There Yet?

There are 336 days left in 2020 and only 49 days until spring!  If you’re counting, there are still 124 days before summer shows up.  That gives us time to get our financial house in order before midyear.  We are almost through January so the last couple days of this month can be used to…

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Friend(ly) Divorce

“Friendship is unnecessary,” C.S. Lewis wrote, “like philosophy, like art, like the universe itself… it has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.”  In a marriage, we can believe that our spouse is our best friend.  In some marriages, our spouse might be our only friend.  When we divorce, it…

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Blockchain & Banking – Can They Solve the Divorce Dilemma?

Without irony, I believe the Divorce Dilemma may be solvable by both blockchain and banking solutions. The problem we’re trying to solve:  Slowing, stopping and reversing the well documented poverty levels of divorced women and changing the outcomes for women who are wealthy during marriage and at risk for becoming poor through the divorce process. …

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The Luxury of Latch-key

The Luxury of Latch-Key

Back in 1966, when my dad first left our house and my parents later divorced, we were known locally as one of two “broken homes”.  We were definitely broke, but never broken.  We lived in the village of Clarendon Hills, Illinois, about 15 miles southwest of Chicago and less than 2 square miles big.  Route…

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