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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

(with apologies to The Clash) Darling, you got to let me know . . . One of the hardest decisions a business owner will ever make is when to sell their baby.  And to whom. And for how much.  I’ll be here till the end of time . . . Most owners overestimate how long…

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Are We There Yet?

There are 336 days left in 2020 and only 49 days until spring!  If you’re counting, there are still 124 days before summer shows up.  That gives us time to get our financial house in order before midyear.  We are almost through January so the last couple days of this month can be used to…

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Life Insurance

What to Do When Your Term Life Insurance Is Expiring

In an ideal world, you buy life insurance when your kids are young or you’ve purchased your first home, and you need the coverage only for about 20 years. By the time your policy nears the end of its term, your kids are on their own, your house is mostly paid off, and you’ve accumulated…

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healthy personal finance

There Is Fat In Broccoli?

There is!  Of the 33 calories in a cup of broccoli, there is .33 grams of fat, 2.48 grams of protein and 5.84 grams of carbohydrates (the good ones).  This sweet treat (1.50 grams of sugar) also has 2.3 grams of fiber.  Avocado, technically a fruit has 7.71 grams of fat per <2 oz. serving. …

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