Wealth Managment F.A.Q.

Our ideal clients want guidance, not a guru.  They can articulate their goals and they have a saving mentality.  They seek professional guidance, yet keep their own counsel.  They have busy, productive lives yet would benefit from the experience, ethics, and education of a professional, fee-only fiduciary advisor.

You can expect a boutique experience – we answer our own phones and take pride in anyone in the firm being able to assist you.  You can expect to have your questions and concerns encouraged and addressed correctly and completely.  You can expect us to develop a close relationship with you so that you have high financial confidence in us and feel comfortable using our expertise for any financial decisions you face.  You can expect transparency in everything we do.

We provide traditional wealth management (this is comprehensive financial planning and investment account management).  We also offer financial planning only, without account management, through a subscription to our planning software, Global Access.

We offer our services for a flat fee when there is a written scope of work and when providing traditional wealth management.  This fee is deducted from your accounts at the end of each quarter for work in the previous quarter.  We offer services under a retainer when the scope is undefined or very limited.  In general fees equate to a negotiated percentage of the accounts under advisement.  Fees are determined after we have reviewed all of our requested documentation and we have spoken with you to clarify your needs.  You will be provided a fee quote prior to signing any agreement.

Other financial advisors met with me for free – why doesn't American Capital Planning let me meet for an hour for free?  We get hundreds of inquiries a year and find that the best clients for our firm are those personally referred by existing clients.  We do take outside clients but do not market our boutique firm to the general public.  When we meet the first time, we can give you actionable advice in our working meeting.  If you’re prepared to get started, we’re prepared to work with you now. 

As a fiduciary, we are legally required to put our clients’ best interests first. This means that you can feel confident that the advice you receive is not influenced by anything other than what we feel will benefit you the most.

The first step to engaging with our firm is to complete our Triple D(C) form. Call us at (703)771-0905 or email us at contact@americancapitalplanning.com should you need assistance.

Appointments are scheduled based on availability during regular business hours of 9-5, Monday through Friday. We offer both in-person meetings in the Leesburg, VA, area and virtual meetings, should that be more convenient.